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With the Covid 19 Coronavirus in play now in Ireland, we realise it is a very tough time for all. A lockdown has just been placed upon us and as an emergency service, it is never a better time to be recognised for your skills and abilities. People should know if you are a paramedic, first responder, member of a fire service so they can call on you if they are stuck. We joined the emergency services to take care of emergencies and now more than ever, we need to step up.

All stickers that are in stock are reduced to €3. There is no customisation available due to our printers being closed so I can only make do with what I have and offer it out as best as possible. We will surely replenish stocks once we can, and if there is a great request for certain items, we will do our utmost to push these forward.

One that I have noticed and heard on the radio is Nurses and Doctors being clamped/ fined for out doing their stay in a parking spot in a hospital. If any in the medical trade are reading this, please let me know if there is a need and I will do my best to push stickers forward to that wardens can see the stickers in place and hopefully have some respect for the work you are doing during this pandemic.

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